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Home Sweet Home

Custom Tattooing

Maplewood NJ

Home sweet home tattoo logo

Wednesday through Saturday 11-5



Home Sweet Home Tattoo is a custom tattoo studio founded and owned by Brooklyn native Magie McGowan (formerly Serpica). Magie tattooed her way through Coney Island, Bay Ridge, and Sunset Park in the early 2000's before landing in Staten Island where she eventually opened her first studio, Milk and Honey Tattoo.


At this shop we believe that tattoos are a form of self-expression and we strive to create unique designs that reflect our clients' individuality. Magie has been trained in and works through a trauma informed practice, where all bodies of every shape, size, gender expression, skin color, and neurdivergence are welcomed and embraced.  Having over 20 years experiences, and having endured FIT's illustration program, Magie is well versed and proficient in many styles of tattooing.

Home Sweet Home came to fruition at the end of 2023, after the intense detail and craftsmanship completed by her talented husband, Brian, whose famous mural stands on Springfield Ave in Maplewood. The name was thought up by Magie's wonderful bonus daughter, Margo. It fit so perfectly, as the McGowan clan of four kids and too many cats also reside in Maplewood.

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